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1 Corinthians 13:4-8 1. Right Understanding / Right Perspective / Right View / Perfect View 17 Seventeen 2. Right Resolve / Right Thought / Right Intention / Perfect Resolve 3. Right Speech / Right Talk / Perfect Speech 4. Right Action / Perfect Conduct 5. Right Living / Right Livelihood / Perfect Livelihood 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary 6. Right Effort / Right Endeavor / Perfect Effort 7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness 8. Right Concentration / Perfect Concentration
A Father’s Love A Journey of 1000 Miles Begins with a Single Step A Journey of 1000 Miles Feels Like One A Life of Happiness and Prosperity A Moment of Time is as Precious as Gold A Vast Sky Full of Stars A Wise Man Changes His Mind (but a fool never will) Ability to Adapt Abundance / Prosperous Abundance and Prosperity Acceptance Accountant / CPA Ace / One Achievement Achievement / Accomplishment Active Duty Active Duty Military Acupuncture Acupuncture and Moxibustion Adamantine / King Kong Adapt Oneself Adonis / Handsome Young Man Adorable / Cute / Lovely Adoring Love Adventure Adventure Lover Adventurer Aiki Jujutsu Aiki-Jutsu Aiki-Ken Aikido Aikido Yoshinkan Aikikai Air / Atmosphere Air Force Akita Dog / Akitainu / Akita Inu Akuma Alder Alert / On Guard / Lingering Mind All Tenets of the Noble Eightfold Path Allah Allyn Almighty / Omnipotent Alone / A Lone Person Alone / Solitary Existence Always Try to do Better Amaterasu Oomikami Amazing / Shocking / Astonished Amazing Grace Ambition Ambitious / To Improve Oneself Amen American Football Amitabha Buddha Amsterdam Anarchy Angel / Messenger of Heaven Animal Kingdom Animals Anime Anime / Animation Anson Antigua and Barbuda Antiwar / Anti-War Apollo Apple Appreciation of Truth by Meditation Aquarius Zodiac Symbol / Sign Arashi / Havoc Arata / Leather Archangel / Arch Angel Archer Architect Ardent / Fierce Aries Zodiac Symbol / Sign Ark Armor Army / Military Art Art of Healing Art of War Art of War: 5 Points of Analysis Ascend Ash Asia / Asian Continent Asian Pride / Oriental Pride / AZN Pryde Aspire / Burning Desire Assassin Athlete August Aung Autumn / Fall Season Avatar Avenger Awareness Awesome / Awe-Inspiring Azerbaijan
Ba Gua Zhang Ba Ji Quan Baby Bad Experience, Caution Lingers Bad Girl Badger Baghdad Bajutsu Balance / Equilibrium Balance / Peace Bali / Bari Bamboo Bamboo Moon Bangladesh Banzai Banzai / Wansui Baseball Basketball Batman Battojutsu Be Happy Be True to Yourself Be Yourself Bear Beast / Animal Beautician / Hairdresser Beautiful Beautiful Clear Sky Beautiful Heart / Beautiful Mind Beautiful Life / Life in Perfect Harmony Beautiful Sight Beautiful Soul Beautiful Spirit Beautiful Virtue Beautiful Woman Proverb Beauty / Beautiful / Handsome Beauty / Beautiful Princess Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder Beauty of Nature Beauty Salon Beauty: The art of makeup / cosmetics Beekeeping / Apiculture Beer Beijing Beijing Opera Belarus Belief / Trust Believe / Faith / Trust Believe in Yourself Believer Bellflower Bellflower / Herb of Bellflower Beloved Daughter Beloved Son / Beloved Child Benevolence Benevolent Heart Bermuda Bermuda Islands Berry Berserker Best Best / Number One Best Friends / Buddies Best Love / Most Sincere Love Beyond / Exceed / Surpass Big Brother / Elder Brother Big Dream Big Dream / Great Hope Big Wave Birch Bird Birth / Life Birth Old-Age Sickness Death Black Black Belt Black Dragon Black Eagle / Condor Black Raven Blacksmith Bless this House Blessed by God Blessed by Heaven Blessings and Good Wishes Blessings and Protection Blood Blood Brothers Blue / Indigo Blue Dragon / Azure Dragon Blue Lotus Blue Sky Boar / Pig Bodhi - Awakening Enlightenment Bodhicitta: Enlightened Mind Bodhidharma Bodhisattva Body Body / Karada Body and Earth in Unity Body and Mind Bojutsu / Bojitsu Bolivia Bolt of Lightning / Lightning Attack Bon Voyage Bond Bones Bonsai / Penzai Book Book of Hosea Boxing Boys be Ambitious Brahmavihara Brave the Waves Brave Warrior Bravery / Courage Breathe Brevity / Concise Bright and Promising Future Broken Hearted Brother and Sister Brothers Brothers and Sisters Brown Bruce Lee Buddha Dharma Sangha Buddha / Buddhism Buddha Heart / Mind of Buddha Buddha Seeking Buddha Way Buddhism Buddhism / Buddha Buddhist Monk Budo-Kai Budoka Budokan Bujinkan Burundi Bushi-Ryu Jujutsu Bushido / The Way of the Samurai Bushin / Bujin Bushinkan Butt Butterfly
Calm / Cool Calm / Cool-Headed Calm / Tranquility Calm and Open Mind Cambodia Cancer Zodiac Symbol / Sign Canton / Guangdong Cao / Kusa / Grass Capricorn Zodiac Symbol / Sign Captain Cardinals Cassia Cat / Pussycat Catholic Change Changing Oneself / Self Reformation Chaos Chaos / Anarchy / Confusion / Mayhem Character Charisma / Charm Charm / Grace Chastity Chastity / Pure Heart Cheetah Cherish Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom / Sakura Chess Child Child of God Chill Out Chinese or Korean Army General Chito-Ryu Choice / Choose / Select Chosen / Handpicked Christ Christian / Disciple of Christ Christianity / Christian Christmas Chrysanthemum CIA Clairvoyance Clarity Clear Blue Sky Clever Clever / Superb / Wonderful Clive Cloud Cobra Coffee / Café Cold Collaboration / Cooperation / Synergy Color Commitment Compassion Compassion / Kindness Compassionate Heart / Benevolent Heart Concentration Confidence / Faithful Heart Confucius Congo Conquer / Conquest Conqueror Consciousness of Self Consideration / Thought / Ikko Construction Crane Content and Motionless Contentment Cooperation Cooperation / Collaboration Corinthians 13:4 Correct and Proper Courage and Strength Courage To Do What Is Right Courtesy / Etiquette Cowboy Crane Crazy / Mad / Wild Crazy Love Create / Creation Creative / Creativity Creativity Crisis equals Danger plus Opportunity? Cry in the Dojo - Laugh on the Battlefield Cunning / Sly / Sneaky Cure Curious / Inquisitive Curt Cyan Czech Republic
Daddy’s Girl / Daddy’s Boy Daimyo / Great Name Daito-ryu Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu Dana: Almsgiving and Generosity Dance Dance / Dancing Dancer Danger Danketsu Karate-Do Daoism / Taoism Daredevil Warrior / Soul of a Warrior Dark Angel Dark Sister Darkness Daughter Dawn / Early Morning / Twilight Day Death Before Dishonor Death with Dignity December Dedication Deer Defense / Defend Deities / Gods Democratic Republic of the Congo Demon Demon / Ghost / Apparition Desire / Craving Desire / Longing / Craving Desire / Wish / Aspiration Destiny / Fate Destiny Determined by Heaven Determination Determination to Achieve Determination to Achieve / Will-Power Devotion / Dedication / Attentive / Focused Devotion / Diligence / Vigorous / Energetic Devotion / Enthusiasm Devotion to your Profession / Career Devout / Godly / Faithful Dew Dharma / Damo / Daruma Dharma / The Law Dharma Gate of Bliss Diamond Dignity / Honor / Sanctity / Integrity Diligence Dinosaur Disciple of Christianity Discipline Diva Diversity Divine Grace Divine Love Divine Protection Divine Spirit Djibouti Do No Harm / Harmless Doctor Dog Dogen Dojo / Martial Arts Studio Dojo Kun Dolphin Don't Worry, Be Happy Don’t Panic Door of Great Wisdom Dove / Pigeon Dragon Dragon / Emperor Symbol Dragon and Phoenix Dragon Ball Kai Dragon Spirit Dragon Warrior Dragonfly Dream / Dreams Dream / Vision Dreamer Drink Drink Up! / Cheers! Drunken Fist Drunken Monkey Dynamic Dynamic Energy / Enthusiasm Dynasty
Eagle / Falcon / Hawk Earth East Easter Easy-Going Eat Drink and Be Merry, For Tomorrow We Die Ebony Echo Education / Refinement Eight Eight Immortals Eishin-Ryu Elan Electricity / Lightning Elegant / Exquisite / Grace Elements of the Tea Ceremony Elephant Embrace Life Empathy / Humanity Emperor Emperor of Japan Empire Empress Encourage Endless / Without Limit Endo Endurance Endure and Survive Energy / Capability Energy Sword Body in Concert Engineer England English / Briton / Person from England Enigma / Puzzle / Riddle Enjoy Life Enlightened Truth Enlightenment Enlisted Sailor Enso - Japanese Zen Circle Enthusiasm / Passion for a Cause Enthusiasm / Warm-Hearted Equality Esprit de Corps / Determination Essence Eternal / Long-Lasting Eternal Energy / Eternal Matter Eternal Friendship / Friends Forever Eternal Happiness Eternal Life / Everlasting Life / Immortality Eternal Life / Future Life Eternal Love Eternal Peace Eternal Wheel of Life Eternity / Always and Forever Eternity / Forever Ethics / Ethical / Morality Even a fool may sometimes come up with a good idea Even Monkeys Fall From Trees Every day is a good day Everyday Life Everything Happens for a Reason Evil Cause, Evil Result Evolution Excellence Extreme / Intense Extreme Faithfulness Extremely Good Friends Eyeballs / Eyes
Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success Failure is Not an Option Failure is the Mother of Success Failure is the Origin of Success Fair / Impartial Fairy / Nymph Faith Faith Hope Love Faith Love Peace Faithful / Honorable / Trustworthy / Fidelity / Loyalty Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight Fallen Angel Family / Home Family / Household Family / Members of a Family Family and Friends Family Bond / Family Ties Family Love Fantasy / Illusion Far-Reaching / Ambitious Far-Sighted in Deep Thought Fate / Opportunity / Chance Father and Daughter Father and Son Fatherly Master / Sifu / Shi Fu / Shifu Fear No Evil Fearless / Daring February Feeling of Bliss Felina / Felidae / Felinae Feng Shui Fertility Fidelity / Personal Integrity / Honor Fierce Fierce / Ferocity Fierce Tiger Fight to the End / Fight Until the Bitter End Fighter Fighter / Champion Fighting Spirit Filial Piety Filial Piety / Filial Conduct Fire Fire Dragon Fire Horse Fire Snake Fire Tiger Firefighter / Fireman Firefly / Glow Worm Firm Belief / Strong Faith First Born First Born Daughter First Born Son First Love First Turn of the Dharma Wheel Fish Fishing Fist Five Five Elements Five Elements Tai Chi Fist Five Reflections / Gosei Flexibility Flower Flower in the Mirror, Moon on Water Flowers / Blooming / Splendid / China Flowers Bloom and Flowers Fall Flying / Flight Flying / Flight / Rising Upward Flying Ace / Aviator / Bird Man Flying Dragon Horse Follow Your Heart Food Football / Futbol Forbidden Love Foresight Forest Forest Bathing Forever In My Heart Forever Young / Eternal Youth Forever Young / Long Life Forgive Forgive and Forget Forgive Yourself / Release Yourself Forgiveness (from the top down) Fortitude / Steadfast Fortitude / Strength of Character Fortune favors the brave Fountain of Youth Four Elements Four Noble Truths (Buddhism) Four Noble Truths (Full List) Four Noble Truths: Desire and Attachment Four Noble Truths: Elimination of Desire or Attachment Four Noble Truths: Path Leading Away From Suffering Four Noble Truths: Suffering Fragrant / Good Smell Fragrant Herb / Housou France Free Spirit Free Will Freedom / Liberty Freedom Fighter French Guiana French Polynesia Friend Friend / Friendship Friendliness Friendship Frightful Demon / Asura Frog From this Moment Forward Frugal Fujin Funny / Humorous Furinkazan
Gaman Ganesh Garden / Orchard / Park Gassho Gate Gecko / House Lizard Geisha Geisha / Geigi Geisha of Unequaled Talent Gem Gemini Zodiac Symbol / Sign Generosity Genesis Genghis Khan Gentleness Ghost / Apparition / Phantom Ghost / Soul / Spirit Ghost Demon Gibraltar Ginger Giri Girl Power / Woman Power Glory and Honor Go With The Flow Go-Dan / 5th Degree Black Belt Goat / Sheep God Bless You God Bless You / God Be With You God Forgive Me God Give Me Strength God is Always With Me God is Always With You God is Good God is Love God of Thunder God of War God of Warcraft God of Zion / God of Abraham Godai / Five Elements Goddess Goddess Aphrodite Goddess of Beauty / Beautiful Spirit Goddess of Compassion Goddess of Mercy and Compassion Godzilla Goju Ryu Goju Ryu Karate-Do Gold / Metal Golden Dragon Golden Rule Goldfish Good and Evil Good Conduct Good Health Good Health / Healthy / Vigor Good Heart Good Intentions Good Intentions / Good Will / Good Faith Good Luck Good Luck / Good Fortune Good Night Goodbye Goodness / Good Deed Goodness / Kind-Hearted Goro Goshin-Do Grace / Favor Grace from Heaven / Grace from God Grace of God / Divine Blessing Grand Daughter Grand Master / Great Teacher Grandfather Grandma / Grandmother Grandmaster / Grand Master Gratitude / Thanks Gray Color Great Aspirations / Ambition Great Endeavor / To Strive Great Expectations Great Illumination of Wisdom Great Lord / Tycoon Great Lotus Wisdom - Samadhi Wisdom Great Peace Great Wisdom Greatest Infinite Love Green Green Dragon / Blue Dragon Grim Reaper / God of Death Growing Old Together Guan / Kwan / Seki Guan Shi Yin: Protector Of Life Guandi: God of War Guanxi Guard Guardian / Defender Guardian Angel Guide / Help / Cooperate Gung Ho Gus Gutsy / Daring / Bold Gyaku
Hachiman: God of War Haiku Hakko-Ryu Hakurei Reimu Halo Hand-to-Hand Fighting / Grappling Hanko Hapkido Happiness Happiness / Contentment Happiness / Fortune / Lucky Happiness / Joyful / Joy Happiness in the Afterlife Happy Happy / Laughter / Cheerful Bliss Happy Birthday Happy Buddha Happy Family Happy Marriage Hard Work Hardships and Joys Harmony / Balance Harusame / Spring Rain Have a Walking Stick at the Ready Before You Stumble Havoc Hawaii Hazel Tree Heal / Healing Healing Hands Healthy Living Heart / Mind / Spirit Heart and Soul Heart of a Warrior / Samurai Heart Heart of Aikido Heart of Judo Heaven Heaven and Earth Heaven Sent Heavenly / Celestial Hedgehog Heijoshin / Presence of Mind Heike Star / Betelgeuse Hell Hella Hello Hentai Herculean Strength Heritage / Legacy / Inheritance Hero Heroic Spirit / Great Ambition Hide / Shelter / Shield Hiding in the Leaves - Hagakure Highest Quality / Top Notch Hikari Hirabarashi / Hiryabayashi Hiroshi / Katsu Hockey Holding Flowers with Subtle Smile Holy Bible Holy Diver Holy Land Holy Man / Saint Holy Mother / Saint Mary Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost Holy Warrior Home is where the heart is Homosexual / Gay Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Honesty Honesty / Fidelity Honey / Nectar Honor Honor and Integrity Honor Courage Commitment Honor for Ancestors Honorable Death - No Surrender Horatio Horizontal Horse Hot / Heat Hotokeshima How can you catch tiger cubs without entering the lair of the tiger? Human Race / Humanity / Mankind Humble / Modest Humble / Modesty / Humility Humility / Being Humble Hunter Hunter / Huntsmen Hurricane / Typhoon Hurt Husband and Wife Hussain Hyakuren-Jitoku
I give you my hand I Love You I Need You I Want You Iaido Iaijutsu Ice / Frost Ice Skating Ichi wa Zen, Zen wa Ichi Ichi-Dan / First Degree Ichigo Ichigo No Hana / Strawberry Flower Idea / Concept Idea / Thought Idea / Thought / Meaning If you love your child, send them out into the world Ikebana Iki Ikigai Ikiru / To Live Ikken Hissatsu Ikkyu Illusion Imagination Imagine / Imagination Immeasurable / Unlimited Immortal Immortal / Immortality Immovable Liberation Immovable Mind Imogen Impartial and Fair to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the World Impermanence In Flowers the Cherry Blossom, In Men the Samurai In Good Order In Good Order / Organized Independence Independent Spirit / Independent Heart Indian Indomitable / Persistence / Fortitude Indomitable / Unyielding Indomitable Spirit Indomitable Spirit / Indomitable Attitude Infinite Love Infinity / Infinite / Endless / Boundless Infinity / Infinite / Unlimited / Unbounded Inhale Initiative / Leadership Initiative / Proactive / Positive Inner Beauty / Beauty of Spirit Inner Light / Intelligence Inner Peace Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity Inner Strength Inner Strength is Better than Outward Appearance Inner Wisdom Innovation Inspiration Inspire with redoubled courage Inspired Integrity Integrity / Honesty Integrity: Sincere Honest and Faithful Intelligence / Information-Gathering Intelligence / Intellect Intense / Serious Intense / Serious / Deep / Profound Intensity Introspection / Self-Awareness Intuition Intuitive Wisdom / Inner Light Inugami / Dog Spirit Inuyasha Irin Iris Flower Irish Iron Fist Iron Heart Iron Man Iron Palm Ironman Triathlon Event Ishikawa Islam Island Isshin Ryu Karate Do Isshin-Kai / Isshinkai Isshin-Ryu / Isshinryu Italian Itosu Ivory / Tooth Iwa Iwan
Jackie Chan Jakarta January Japanese Snapping Turtle Japanese Snapping Turtle / Chinese Soft Shell Turtle Jasmine Flower Jeet Kune Do Jenson Jericho Jesus Christ is My Savior Jesus is Lord Jesus is my Savior Jesus Saves Jew / Jewish People Jima Jin Ji Du Li Jinenkan Jodo John 3:16 Johrei / Jyorei Joshua 1:9 Joshua 24:15 Journey / Travel Journey of Life Journey to the West Joyful Joyfulness / Happiness Judge Judo Juggernaut / Absolute Power Jujitsu / Jujutsu July Jupiter Just Do It Justice / Rectitude / Right Decision Justice / Righteousness
Kae Kagetsu Kagune Kai Zen / Kaizen Kaiju Kajukenbo Slogan Kakuto Karate Kama - Desire Wish Longing Kamikaze / Divine Wind Kanbukan Kano Kansei Engineering / Sense Engineering Kanzen Goju-Ryu Karate Karate-Do Karate-Do Shinyo-Kai Karateka Karma - Cause and Effect Karma (of your past lives) Karma Connection Kata Katana Katori Shinto-ryu Kawa no Kami / River God Keep Calm in Face of Adversity Kempo Karate / Law of the Fist Empty Hand Ken Zen Ichi Nyo Kendo / The Way of the Sword Kenjutsu / Kenjitsu Kenpo / Kempo / Quan Fa / Chuan Fa Kensho - Initial Enlightenment Kensho Jobutsu - Enlightenment - Path to Buddha Kenzo Kick-Boxing Kiko Kill / Massacre / Mass Killing Kill / Slaughter / Murder / Butcher Kind Words Kindheartedness / Benevolence / Humanity Kindness / Benevolence Kindness / Caring Kindness and Forgiving Nature King Kingdom of Heaven Kingfisher Kintsukuroi Kirin / Giraffe / Mythical Creature Kiss Kitten / Young Cat / Little Cat Kiwame Knee Strike Knight Know Thy Enemy, Know Thyself Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, and Win 100 Battles Knowledge of Ultimate Truth Koan Kobayashi / Shobayashi Kobe Kobudo Kochi Kodokan Kodokan Aikido Kodokan Judo Koi Fish Koi Fish / Nishiki Goi Kokkuri Kokoro no Heiwa Konichiwa Kourei Kowtow - The deepest bow Ksaya / Omega / Finality Kun Kung / Gong / Mitsugi Kung Fu / Gong Fu Kurai Kyokushin Kyokushinkai Kyousei / Kyōsei Kyrgyzstan Kyukodokan
Labor Union / Trade Union Lake Lamb Lamp / Lantern Lao Tzu / Laozi Large River Laugh / Smile Lava / Magma Law of the Fist Karate / Kempo Karate Leadership / Ability to Lead Leaf Learn New Ways From Old / Onkochishin Learning is Eternal Legendary Phoenix Legendary Turtle Leni Leo Zodiac Symbol / Sign Leopard / Panther / Jaguar Let It Be / Be Relieved Lexus Libra Zodiac Symbol / Sign Life Energy / Spiritual Energy Life Force Life Full of Love Life Goes On Life in Balance / Balancing Life Life in Every Breath Life in Harmony / Balanced Life Life is Good Life is Good / Life is Beautiful Life is Short Life is What You Make of It Life of Love Life of Serenity Life Saving Sword Life with Love Light / Bright Light / Bright / Shine Light / Bright and Promising Future Light of the World Lingering Mind Lion Lion Dance Lion Heart Lion Judo Lion King Listen Liu Bei Live and Let Die Live For The Day / Seize The Day Live for What You Love Live in Peace and Contentment Live In The Moment / Live In The Now Live Laugh Love Live Love Die Live Strong Live Together and Help Each Other Live Without Regret Living / Live Life London Lone Wolf Lonely Longevity / Long Life Longevity / Long Life Wishes Looking Forward / Hoping Lost / Dazed and Confused Lost Love Lotus Love Love and Affection Love and Devotion Love and Hate Love and Honor Love and Protect Love and Respect Love and Respect / Kindness and Respect Love Binds Us Together Love for Humanity / Brotherly Love Love for Parents Love Forever / Love Eternal Love Gems / Fruit of Love / Children Love Without Reason Lover / Beloved Lover / Spouse / Sweetheart Lover / Sweetheart Loving Father Loving Heart / One’s Love Loving Mother Loyalty Loyalty / Devotion Loyalty / Faithful / Devoted Loyalty to Duty or Master Lucky / Auspicious Lucky / Auspicious / Good Omen Lucky Star Luo Luo / Raku Luohan / Lohan Lust / Desire / Passion
Macedonia Magic Magnolia Maharaja Makaze / True Wind Man of Character Man of Remarkable Character / Hero Manchu / Manchurian Mandala / Altar Manga Manila Mano Mantis / Praying Mantis Mantra to Buddha / Nembutsu Maple Marie-Antoinette Marijuana / Weed / Pot Marine / Soldier of the Sea Marine Corps Marishiten / Marici Mark the boat to find the lost sword / Ignoring the changing circumstances of the world Martial Arts / Budo Martial Arts / Wushu Martial Arts Master Martial Arts Skills Martial Morality / Martial Arts Ethics / Virtue Massage Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do Matsumura Shorin-Ryu Mauritania Meditation Meet the Buddha, Kill the Buddha Melancholy / Sorrow Melody / Song Mental Toughness Merciful Heart / The Light from a Buddha Mind Mercury Mercy / Compassion / Buddhist Loving Kindness Mercy / Compassion / Love Merge / Unify Mermaid / Merman Merry Christmas Midnight Midoriya Mighty / Powerful / Strong Mikki Military Discipline Military Engineering Military Intelligence Milky Way Galaxy Mind Like Water Mind of the Beginner Mind Over Matter Mind Your Own Business Mind, Body and Spirit Mindfulness Ministry / Priesthood Miracle Miracle / Marvel Mirror Mirror: Beautiful Clarity Misery Loves Company Missing / Yearning Mistress / Concubine / Servant Misty / Cloudy Sky Misty / Foggy Mixed Martial Arts Miyamoto Miyuki / Shinkou / Shinko Moderation / Temperance Modesty Mokuso - Silent Meditation Moldova Mommy Money Money / Wealth Monkey / Ape Monkey Fist Mono no Aware Monshu / Gate Keeper Month of March Moon Moonlight Moral and Virtuous Morning Dew Morning Sun Mort Mother Mother and Daughter Mother and Son Mother Nature Motivation Mountain Mountain Villa Move On / Change Way of Thinking Mt. Fuji Muay Thai Muhammad Ali Mumonkan / The Gateless Gate Musashi Mushindo Music Music is Life Musician Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu Mustang Mutual Benefit Mutual Respect Mutual Welfare and Benefit My True Love Mysterious Mysterious / Mystery Mystic Lotus Wisdom of Amitabha
Naginata / Halberd Nagusameru Namaste - Greeting Namo Amitabha Buddha Namo Shakyamuni Buddha Namu Amida Butsu Namu Dai Bosa Namu Myoho Renge Kyo / Homage to Lotus Sutra Nan / South Nanjing Nankurunaisa Naruto Naruto Shippuden Nature Nature in Balance / Balanced Nature Navy Navy SEALS Neijia Fist Nekogami Neppu Neptune / Poseidon Never Forget Never Forget Your First Resolution Never Give In / Never Succumb / Never Lose New Beginning New Caledonia New Life New Moon New York Nguyen / Ruan Ni-Dan Nichiren Nichiren Daishonin Night / Evening Nine Ninja Ninjutsu / Ninjitsu Ninpo Nippon Karate-Do Genbu-Kai Nippon Kempo Nirvana No Fear No Limitations No Limits No man knows what he owes to his parents until he comes to have children of his own No Mercy No Mind / Mushin No Pain No Gain No Regrets No Trouble / Freedom from Problems No Worries Noble Eightfold Path Non-Violence North America Northern Praying Mantis Nothing / Nothingness Nothing is Impossible Nothing is Impossible with Persistence Nothingness Nothingness / Empty / Void Nova November Nurse
O'brien Oasis Ocean Ocean / Sea October Offering / Puja Okami / God Okinawa Okinawa Karate Okinawan Kobudo Om Mani Padme Hum Omoi / Desire Once in a Lifetime One One Day Seems Like 1000 Years One Direction One Family Under Heaven One Good Deed Each Day One Heart / One Mind / Heart and Soul One Love One Mind / Unity Oneness / Unity Only God Can Judge Me Ono-Ha Itto-Ryu Open and Calm Mind Open Mind Opening / Blooming Flowers Opera Opportunity Optimism / Happy With Your Fate Optimistic Orange Orchid Orion’s Belt Osu / Affirmative Ouch! Outgoing / Extroverted Overcome Overcome / Surpass / Rise Above Overcome the Devil Owl Ox / Bull / Cow
Pain Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body Pain of Love / Love Troubles Pain of Seperation from Your Loves Painless Paladin Panda Bear Paradise / Wonderland Paramartha Paris Partnership: Marriage Pascal Passion for a Cause Passionate Love / Ardent Love and Devotion Passions / Feelings / Emotions Patience / Perseverance Patience / Perseverance / To Endure / Tolerant Patience Brings Peace of Mind Patriot Peace / Harmony Peace / Peaceful Peace and Love Peace and Tranquility Peace of Mind Peace, Love, Happiness Peaceful / Tranquil / Calm / Free From Worry Peaceful Heart Peaceful Heart / Peace of Mind / Calm Mind Peaceful Warrior Peacefulness / Tranquility / Perfectly Quiet Peach / Peaches Peacock Penguin Penis Perception Perception of Knowledge Perfection Perfectly Sincere Mind Perseverance Perseverance / Fortitude Perseverance / Indomitable / Invincible Fortitude Persimmon Persistence Person of Character Personal Integrity Phenomenon Phnom Penh Phoenix (female) Phoenix (male) Physical Energy Physical Strength Piano Pigeon / Turtle-Dove Pine Pine Forest / Matsubayashi Pirate Pisces Zodiac Symbol / Sign Planet Venus Pleasant Feeling Pleasant Journey Please Forgive Me Pleasure Pluto Pokemon Polar Bear Police Police / Public Security Bureau Poppy Porter Potential / Momentum Power / Strength Power of Oneself / Self-Sufficient Power of Understanding and Wisdom Practice / Train / Drill Prague Prayer / Praying Precious / Treasure Preparation Yields No Regrets Presence of Mind Pressure Points Pride Prideful Mind / Self-Respecting Heart Prince Princess Professor Progress / Ambition Promise Prosperity Prosperity and Happiness Prosperous Business Protect Guard Treasure Cherish Protection Protector Prudence / Considerate Psalms Psychic Power Puerto Rico Pug / Pekingese Pure Heart Pure Land / Jodo Pure Land Buddhism / Jodo Buddhism Pure Love Purified Spirit / Enlightened Attitude Purity Purity of Mind Purple / Violet Purpose / Aim / Goal Pursue Your Dreams Pursuit of Happiness
Qi Gong / Chi Kung Qin / Chin Qin / Chin / Yasushi Queen Queen / Empress Queen Bee Quiet Warrior
Rabbit / Hare Radiance Radiance / Rays of Light Rage / Frenzy / Berserk Rage / Fury Rai / Rei Rain Rain Drop Rainbow Rank Holder Rat / Mouse Raven / Crow Reach Peace and Calm by Meditation Read / Study Realistic / Practical Reality / Realistic Reality and Illusion Realization and Knowledge Realize Your Ambitions / Embrace Your Ambition Reba Rebel / Insurgent Rebel / Revolutionary Red Color Red Demon Red Flower Red Leaves of Autumn Redemption / Atonement Redemption / Salvation Reflect Rehabilitation Rehabilitation / Rebirth Reiki Reiki - Master Symbol Reincarnation (Buddhism) Reincarnation / Life in Flux Reincarnation / Transmigration of Souls Relationship Relax / Rest / Repose Relax / Take it Easy Release / Let Go Relentless / Ruthless Relentless / Stubborn Religious Devotion / Faith in God / Religious Faith Religious Seeker Remember Remember What Is Important To You Renegade / Traitor / Rebel Resilience / Flexibility Resiliency Resilient in the Face of Adversity Respect Respect / Honor / Esteem Respect and Loyalty Respect, Honor, Truth Respected Teacher Respectful Heart Responsibility Restoration to Good Health Resurrection / Re-Birth Retro / Old School Revenge Righteousness Rigo Riko Riko / Michiko / Mariko / Eriko / Yuriko Riko / Momoko Rise and Fall / Ups and Downs Risk Taker River Roar of Laughter / Big Laughs Robust / Sturdy Rogue Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Romantic Passion Ronan Ronin / Masterless Samurai Rooster / Chicken Rose Flower Rugby Running Ryukyu Ryukyu Kobujutsu
Sacred Fire Sacrifice Sacrifice / Devotion / Dedication Sadness / Sorrow Safe / Secure Safe and Sound Safety and Well-Being of the Family Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol / Sign Saifa Sakasa / Reverse Salvation Salvation / Save / Rescue Samadhi Same / Similar / Alike Samsara / Endless Cycle of Rebirth Samurai San Marino San-Dan Sanchi / Yamaji Sanchin Sand Sand / Gravel Sangha Sangha / Order of Monks Santosh Sapphire Sasuke Satori / Enlightenment Saturn Savate Savior / Messiah Scarecrow Scarlet / Bright Red Scarlet / Crimson Scarlet / Red / Crimson Scholar / Confucian School of Happiness Schooled by Experience and Hard Knocks Science Scops Owl / Black Kite Scorpio Zodiac Symbol / Sign Scorpion Sea Turtle Seafarer / Sailor Seal Secret Seeing is Believing Seeing one’s Nature and becoming a Buddha Seek Seek / Quest Seeker of Wisdom Seeking Truth Seeking Wisdom Seika / Quintessence Seiryoku Zenyo Seishin Budo Self Actualization Self Awareness Becomes a Buddha Self Consciousness Self Sacrifice Self-Confidence Self-Control Self-Defense Self-Discipline / Will-Power Self-Improvement Self-Love / Love Yourself / Love Onself Self-Respect / Self-Esteem Self-Restraint / Self-Control Selflessness Semper Fidelis / Always Faithful Senpai / The Elder or Master Sense of Humor Sense of Shame / Sense of Honor / Integrity / Modesty (Korean) Sensei / Master / Teacher / Mister September Serbia Seren Serendipity Serendipity / Chance Discovery Serendipity / Happy Coincidence Serendipity / Lucky Coincidence Serendipity / Nice Coincidence Serenity / Tranquility Serenity Prayer Seven Seven Heavenly Virtues Seven Rules of Happiness Sexual Freedom Sexy Sexy / Voluptuous Shade of a Tree Shadow Shadow of Karma / Dogged by Karma Shadow Warrior Shakyamuni / The Buddha Shanghai Shaolin Shaolin Chan Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Temple Sharingan Shark Shell Shen Long Shiatsu-Do Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta Shidoin Shidokan Shidokan (Karate) Shidokan Karate-Do Shidoshi Shield Shihan Shikataganai Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo Shili / Shiri / Sri Shin Buddhism Shingitai / Shin Gi Tai Shinkage-Ryu Shinken Shobu Shinobi / Ninja Outcast Shinobi No Mono Shinto Shinyo-Kai Shireen Shit / Defecate / Excrement / Feces / Poop Shit / Manure / Dung / Feces / Excrement / Poop Shito-Ryu Shito-Ryu Ki-Me-Kan Karate-Do Shitsujitsu Goken Shitsuke Sho-Dan Shobo Shobukan Shoganai Shogi Shogun / Japanese General Shogyu Shorei-Ryu Shorin Ji Ryu Shorin-Ryu Shorin-Ryu Shidokan Shorin-Ryu Shobukan Shorinji Kempo / Kenpo Shoshin-Ryu Shotokan Shotokan Aikido Shotokan Karate-Do Shotokan-Ryu Shudokan Shugyo Shuhari Shukokai Shuri-Ryu Silence Silent / Solitary Silent Warrior Silk Silk Cloth Silver Simplicity Simplicity / Modesty Simply the Best Sincerity and Devotion Sisterhood / Association of Women Sisterhood / Sisterly Love Sisters Sisters at Heart Sit in Meditation Six Sixth Sense / Intuition Skill Acquired Through Hard Training Sky / Air / Ether / Space Sky / Ether / Void / Emptiness / Unreality Sky / Void Sleep / Rest / Repose Small Forest Smoke Smooth and Steady Smooth Sailing Smriti Snake / Serpent Sniper / Marksmen Snoopy Snow Snow Leopard Soccer Soccer / Football / Futbol Soke / Shuke Soldier / Serviceman Soldier of Fortune Soldier of the Gods Soldiers Solidarity / Working Together as One Solution Son Sorry / Apologetic / Repent / Regret Soul / Spirit Soul Mates Soul Mates at Heart South America Sparks / Sparkle Sparrow Special / Extraordinary Speed Speed Control Spider Spirit Spirit / Soul Spirit / Spiritual Essence Spirit of Taekwondo Spiritual Peace / Enlightened Peace Spiritual Soul Mates Spiritual Strength / Strength of Spirit Spiritual Warrior Spirituality Spring Season Squirrel Stability / Calm and Orderly / Equilibrium Stamina / Endurance Stamina / Tenacity Stamina / Vigor Standing by Oneself / Walking by Oneself Star State of Anarchy Stay Strong / Indestructible / Unbreakable Stay Strong / Iron Will Steel Stillness / Quiet / Calm Stone / Rock Storm / Windstorm Strawberry Strength / Ability Strength / Vigor / Energy Strength and Courage Strength and Honor Strength and Love in Unity Strength: Strong and Solid Strive / Struggle Strong / Healthy Strong / Powerful Strong / Powerful / Force Strong / Robust Strong and Beautiful Strong Body, Strong Mind Strong-Minded Woman Strong-Willed / Strong of Heart Stronghold Student Study / Learn / School Subaru Success Summer Season Sumo Wrestler Sumptuous Debauchery Sun Sun / Solar Sun Goddess Sun Moon Stars Sun Tzu - Art of War Sun Wukong / Son Goku Sunny / Clear and Bright Sunrise Sunset / Twilight Sunshine Sunshine / Sunlight Super Superman Supernatural Energy Sura Surgery Suriname Survival of the Fittest Survive Survivor Sushi Sven Swallow Swan / White Crane Swaziland Sweet / Sweetness / Charm Swift Fierce and Daring Swim / Swimming Sword Sword of Death Sword Saint Sworn Friend / Ally Synergy / Cooperative Interaction
Tactics of War Taekwondo Tai Chi / Tai Ji Tai Chi Ball Tai Chi Chuan / Tai Ji Quan Taido Taijutsu Taisho Tajikistan Take Refuge in the Three Treasures Take Up a Challenge Takemusu Takemusu Aiki Tamil Tang Hand Tang Soo Do / Tang Hand Way Tanjun / Simplicity Taoist / Daoist Tathata / Ultimate Nature of All Things Taurus Zodiac Symbol / Sign Tea Tea Pot Teach / Education Teach / Instruct Temperance Tempest / Storm Ten Ten perfect Mahayana rules Tenacious / Tenacity Tenacity / Indomitable Tendo-Ryu Tengu Tenra Tension and Relaxation Tetsu / Penetrating Tetsu / Wise Sage Texas Thank You / Arigato Thank You / Xie Xie Thankfulness The Aura of Buddha The Big Dipper / Ursa Major The Bodhi Mind The Brave Have No Fears The Buddha is in Each Sentient Being The Buddha Realm / Buddhahood The Chosen One The Dao of Filial Piety The Eye of the Buddha The Five Animals The Five Principles of Reiki The Five Tenets of Confucius The Force The Four Seasons The Gateless Gate The Geisha’s World The Great Path has No Gate The Great Wall of China The Guts Theory The Holy Trinity The Law of Creation and Destruction The Middle Way The Month of May The Mysterious Bond Between People The Nature of Enlightenment in One's Mind The Nature of Martial Arts The Noble Eightfold Path The Old Way / Old School The Original Mind The Planet Mars The Planet Neptune The Principles of Buddhism The Red String The Saint The Single Life The Spirit of Dragon and Tiger The Strong One The Sun, Moon and Stars The Supreme Mahayana Truth The Tao or Dao of Being Human / Humanity The Three Truths The Tree of Enlightenment / The Bodhi Tree The True and Complete Enlightenment The two most important days in your life... The Warrior Within The Warrior’s Word, Dependable as Gold and Steel The Way of Five Pecks of Rice The Way of Tea The Way of the Wave The Weak are Meat, The Strong Eat The Wisdom of the Many The World Theory of Evolution There is no pleasure without pain Thinking Heart Thirst for Truth This Too Shall Pass Thorns / Bramble / Briar Patch / Wild Rose Thought / Thinking / Idea Thrasher Three Three Kingdoms Three Souls Three Treasures of Buddhism Throwing Star Thug Life Thunder Tian Long Tiger Tiger Heart Time Time and Tide Wait for No Man Time is Gold Time is Money Time Waits For No One To Be Free / Freedom To Come / To Arrive To Infinity and Beyond To thine own self be true Together Forever Togo Tokyo Tolerance Toma Tomorrow / The Next Sun Tondehiniirunatsunomushi Top Quality / First Class Tornado / Whirlwind Tough / Unbeatable Toyota Training / Drill Training / Practice / Cultivation Tranquil Night Traveler Traveler / To Live Abroad Traveler / Wanderer / Vagabond / Rolling Stone Treasure Triple Truth of Japanese Buddhism True / Real / Genuine True Emptiness Yields Transcendent Existence True Essence True Friend True Heart True Love True Religion / Buddha Truth True Victory is Victory Over Oneself Trust / To Have Faith Trust in God / Belief in God Trust in God / Faith in God Trust No One / Trust No Man Truth Truth Goodness and Beauty Tsuki no Kokoro / Mind like the Moon Tsunami / Tidal Wave Tsuyoi Tulip Tuna Tunisia Turtle Tutu Twins Two
U.S. Virgin Islands Uechi-Ryu Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Ultimate Reality Ultimate Truth Unbreakable Unbroken Unconditional Love Undaunted After Repeated Setbacks Unicorn Uniform / Complete / Perfect / Order Unique Unite / Unity United States Marine Corps Unity / United / Solidarity / Cooperation Universe / Cosmos Universe / Space Universe in Balance / Balanced Universe Unknown Until We Meet Again Unwavering Uprightness Uranus Uzura / Quail
Vampire Vanuatu Vatican City Venus / Amor / God of Love Venus / Gold Star Vermillion Veronika Viking Villa Violet Violet Color Violeta Violin Viper Virgo Zodiac Symbol / Sign Visionary / Dreamer Vitality Vitality / Virility Vito Volleyball Vosa
Wabi Sabi Wado-Kai Wado-Kai Aikido Wado-Ryu Wado-Ryu Karate Wake Up to Reality Wales Walk in the Way War War Machine Warrior Warrior / Fighter Warrior / Musha Warrior Essence / Warrior Spirit / Martial Warrior Monk / Soldier Priest Warrior of God / Soldier of God Warrior of Heaven Warrior of the Heavenly Realm Warrior Soul / Spirit of a Fighter Warriors of Light Waru Washington Water Water Dragon / Coiled Dragon Water Dragon / Rain Dragon Water Polo Water Tiger Wave Way of Life / Art of Life Wealth / Fortune / Riches / Abundance Wedding / Getting Married Welcome Welcome Home Well-Disciplined / Scrupulous Compliance Wellness Werewolf West Wheel of Karma When Three People Gather, Wisdom is Multiplied Where There is a Will, There is a Way White White Bear / Polar Bear White Swan White Tiger Whole Heart Whore / Mysterious Woman Wild Goose Will of Fire Will-Power / Self-Control Willow Win / Victory Wind Wind and Rain Wind Wheel Wine Wine / Alcohol / Sake Wing Chun Wings Winter Season Wisdom Wisdom / Brilliance Wisdom / Intelligence Wisdom and Insight of the Buddha Wisdom Lotus Wise and Virtuous Wise Woman Wise Younger Brother Wisteria Witch / Sorceress Witch / Wizard / Shaman With all the strength of your heart Wizard / Shaman / Oracle Wolf Wolf Spirit / Soul of a Wolf Wolfberry Wolverine Woman of Strong Character / Woman Hero Woman’s Association Wood Word of God / The Gospel Work Together with One Mind World Peace Wrestling Wu Ming / Anonymous Wu Wei / Without Action Wu Xing Fist Wukong / Goku
Xing Yi Quan Xishi / Xi Shi
Yakima Yangtze River Yellow Yen Yin Yang Yoga Yoko / Brilliant / Glorious Yon-Dan Yoshinkan You May Learn from Victory, You Will Learn from Failure You Only Live Once Younger Sister Yue Fei
Zebra Zen / Chan / Meditation Zen Buddhism Zen Garden Zen Heart / Zen Mind Zendo / The Zen Way Zenmai / Royal Fern Zero Zhang Fei Zhuangzi / Chuang Tzu Zura