The Tea Pickers of Shizuoka - Original Painting

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The Tea Pickers of Shizuoka - Original Painting

Post by georgia sakura » Feb 29, 2008 4:56 pm

The Tea Pickers of Shizuoka
16" x 20"

About the Artist:
georgia sakura
I have been a working, selling artist since '93.
Accomplished in several mediums,
from painting to ceramics to fabric arts.

I find inspiration in the beauty of the natural world,
and the unspoken element of energy that runs through
every living thing.

This painting reflects my other love for green tea,
my favorite thing is a nice warm, steaming cup of
frothy matcha.
I create daily out of Sakura Studios.

About the Materials Used:
Professional Quality Acrylic Paints
on Canvas Panel

The Creation Process:
The first draft of the image is hand drawn with artists pencil directly
on the canvas.
Then the colors are mixed and applied in precise layers,
to achieve the depth and unique texture of the cha bushes.
Finally the women picking tea are painted in, adding all of their fine details.
The whole proccess took one week, from start to finish.

This is an original Painting from my art studio, here in Scottsdale, Az.

Shipping & Handling Information:
This Piece of Original Fine Art, will be professionally,
and artistically gift wrapped, and prepared for transit by
me with much care.
I send all of my artwork via USPS Priority 2-3 Day Mail.

Every Purchase ~ Special Japanese Gift:
I am the owner of Sushi & Japanese Market
I sell high end Japanese and Sushi Dinnerware, Kitchenware
& Specialty Gourmet Japanese Foods.
I have alot of fun with this business..
Anyway, I love to give away Kawaii(Cute)and Traditional
Japanese gifts to my friends and customers...
So whenever you buy anything from me, my art or a sushi or
Japanese Item, You will automatically receive a Special
Japanese Gift.

Many of the 67 Pieces I have sold are in Private Collections around the world,
Own Your Own georgia sakura original, my pieces will go up in value, and are a beautiful addition to any modern and contemporary art collection.

If you are interested in acquiring this or any other of my pieces,
Please contact me via any of the following ways:

Ways to get in touch with me:
Please contact me with any questions, comments (I really
value your opinion and encourage your feedback, it's how I
learn)I can be reached at:
~*~ - (my
Indiepublic profile)
~*~ - georgia sakura@Etsy
~*~ (480) 451-1061 - Sushi & Japanese Market Biz #

Domo Arigato (thank you very much)
Peace, Harmony, Serenity.
georgia sakura
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