Sushi and Japanese Market

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Sushi and Japanese Market

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Sushi and Japanese Market

My name is georgia sakura
I am the owner of Sushi & Japanese Market.
I proudly offer only the highest quality,
Japanese Kitchenware, Dinnerware, Gourmet Japanese Ingredients,
Sushi Equipment, Sushi Tools, and Professional Sushi Knives, along with finely crafted Japanese home decor, and accessories.

I personally invite you to visit this truly one of a kind marketplace.
I know you will enjoy your stay.

And as a gesture of thanks for reading this post and for your time,
I would like to offer you a gift certificate coupon,
enjoy $5.00 off any purchase of $50.00 or more.
good for any purchase.
Just enter code # 22608 in the coupon section upon check
out, and your on your way!

I am always available for my customers,
If there is any question you need answered,
or need help finding that elusive item, finding that perfect gift
(for which, I provide artistic gift wrapping, hand written note card
and shipment to a different address at no charge).
Contact me :
(480) 451-1061

For a unique behind the scenes look at the running of Sushi & Japanese Market,
visit our Blog here:
Or Post some comments about Sushi at our Sushi Forum: ... /index.php

Thank You for Your Time,
Georgia Sakura
Sushi and Japanese Market