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Chinese handmade crafts from Olagift

Posted: Dec 28, 2012 11:18 pm
by olagift
Chinese handmade crafts have a long history that absorbs Chinese traditional and ancient culture, art, history and more traditional elements to handicrafts. Olagift collects crafts which represents regional and national characteristic, Tibet ivory/horn, cultural accessories like pendant (Nephrite Jade and Ebony ), necklace and bracelet, suzhou silk embroidery scarf and bags, old beijing cloth shoes, handmade cloisonne vase and teapot which combines painting, carving and Chinese culture perfectly. Get your favorite craft what you want to own with best service.

Chinese antique copper crafts occupy a unique position in the history of world art for its large using scale, exquisite casting process, unique plastic arts, and species diversity, including bronze sculpture, bronze container, weapon and so on. Copper as raw material, Bronze Animal Sculpture crafts are produced by melting, cooling and solidification, cleaning up, model beating and other processes. Purely handmade with fine arts, the casting bronze sculpture shows a fast running horse. Proudly body, robust physique and vigorous pace express its power, which is vivid and rich in dynamic. The surface of this bronze animal sculpture is very smooth. And it is not easy to rust and has hard-quality. It will be a best choice for housing decoration.