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Cool Embroidery Stuffs

Posted: May 12, 2012 9:22 pm
by britany1
The Suzhou embroidery originates in Suzhou, is four given names embroiders one, until now had more than 2500 years history. The Suzhou females are gentle, clever and deft, excels at the slow needle delicate work. The Suzhou embroidery has the widespread mass base area the Jiangsu Suzhou, everywhere had the entertainers to sew quickly and skillfully, embroiders the innumerable high quality goods. The Suzhou embroidery craft is by embroiders the needle to direct the color line, according to designs the good design pattern and the color, in the nylon, the pure silk, lining and so in silk fabrics, cotton fabric is an intermediary, embroiders makes an image lifelike artwar
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