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Discover Rock Around Asia, Fine Asian Art Online

Posted: Dec 8, 2014 10:57 pm
by Rock Around Asia
We are a young art gallery in Bangkok. We have just opened a store online.
Our concept is to develop our online store as our gallery. We hope to rich more people to now our artists and their unique artworks.
We only have unique pieces of art and limited editions from artists we had discovered during traveling around Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia). Our prices reflect the hard work of talented artists and the rarity of the artworks. We provide custom clearance, secure payment : it is important for the customers to feel like on small websites like us they can buy artworks with safety. We provide the packing and the shipping of the artworks as we are used to do in our gallery. Before any transactions we prefer to get in contact with the customers. So that we can reply to every one specific requests.
We have just opened our online shop and we hope that we can stand out the big online art platforms with our quality artworks, experience in good packing, and private and personalized assistance.

Please discover our collections on

Kind regards,
Rock Around Asia